Industrial-used Fiber Laser Marking Machine for Sale

laser metal etching machine is briefly divided into two types: surface etching and deep etching. Generally, the laser etching depth of surface etching is 0.1~1mm; the laser etching depth of deep etching is deeper and the specific depth depends on the actual materials, the power of laser source and the etching time.

Surface etching by laser metal etching machine is mainly used for permanent marking on the surface of various tools and parts. Deep etching is mainly used for marking work on abrasive tools, seals, etc. Generally, the etching depth is related to factors such as the absorption of laser beam by the material to be etched, the power of the laser source and the etching time on the engraved material. Deep etching usually requires a longer working time. Deep and surface etchings can be carried out on the surface of various metal materials for different etching patterns and designs, such as identification codes, company logos, and more complex images.

Compared with traditional mechanical metal engraving, laser etching machine for metal has many advantages as below:

1).Laser engraving does not need to contact the workpiece to be engraved, so many fixtures and tools are omitted, and the workpiece will not produce internal stress after marking, ensuring the original accuracy of the workpiece.

Small MOPA Color Fiber Laser Marking Machine

2).No corrosion to the working surface, no “tool” wear, no poison, no pollution.

3).The high-precision characteristics of laser engraving are especially suitable for the processing of complex graphics.

4).The mark will not fade due to environmental relations (touch, acid and reduced gas, high temperature, low temperature, etc.), and it has high anti-counterfeiting.

5).Non-contact: Laser marking is processed by a non-mechanical “light knife”, which can print marks on any regular or irregular surface.

6).Low operating cost: The marking speed is fast and the marking is formed at one time, and the energy consumption is low, so the operating cost is low. Although the equipment investment of laser marking machine is larger than that of traditional marking equipment, in terms of operating cost, the use of laser marking machine is much lower.

7).High processing efficiency: The laser beam under computer control can move at a high speed (speed up to 5 to 7 m/s), and the marking process can be completed within a few seconds.  

8).Fast development speed: Due to the combination of laser technology and computer technology, users can realize laser printing output by programming on the computer, and can change the printing design at any time, which fundamentally replaces the traditional mold making process and shortens product upgrades The replacement cycle and flexible production provide convenient tools.

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