Desktop UV Laser Bottle Engraver with Rotary Axis Attachment

This desktop laser engraver, as a uv laser engraver, is an ideal solution for hobbyist and small business, the rotary laser engraver can be used for engraving of non-metal materials, the laser engraver rotary axis is characterized of high speed and precision, thus the rotary axis laser engraver is widely used in advertising, artwork and other fields.

Main Features:

1). This desktop laser engraver takes imported violet laser, uniform power density, fine light spot and stable output optical power;

2). High-speed digital scanning galvanometer for UV laser engraver rotary axis, small size, fast speed and excellent stability;

3). The rotary laser engraver takes compact interactive workbench equipped with automatic/manual working mode to meet the automation production of multi-station and improve the production efficiency;

4). Wide range of applicable materials for rotary axis laser engraver to make up for the lack of infrared laser processing capabilities;

5). The uv laser engraver has small heat affected zone to avoid damage to the processed materials, high yield rate;

6). rotary laser engraver is characterized of fast marking speed, high efficiency and high precision;

7). Reliable main parts from well trusted suppliers, such as Hiwin linear guide, etc.

Technical Parameters

Machine model JSM-5U
Working area 100*100/150*150/200*200mm(optional)
Laser type Ultraviolet laser
Laser wavelength 355nm
Laser power 3/5/8/11W
cooling mode water cooling
beam quality ≤1.2
Modulation frequency 25-100 KHz
Min line width 0.01mm
Min character 0.15mm
Resolution ratio ±0.003mm
marking speed ≤7000 mm/s
Working conditions temperature: 0-45°C, humidity: 5%-95%
Working voltage 220V/Single phase/50Hz/10A


Applicable Materials:

This rotary axis laser engraver can be used for All kinds of non-metal materials, such as acrylic, MDF, cloth, leather, wood products, plexiglass, plastic, ceramic tile, marble, paper, rubber, etc.

Applicable Industries:

This uv laser engraver can be used in Advertising industry, Arts and crafts industry, Packing and printing industry, Leather clothing industry, Architectural model industry, Production totem industry, etc.

laser bottle engraver Projects:



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