Sheet Metal and Tube Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers

This steel tube laser cutting machine manufacturers are china top ones who specializes in R&D and production of sheet metal laser cutting machine and metal tube laser cutting machine, the tube cutting machine manufacturers take reliable parts from all over the world to guarantee the excellent performance and efficiency for the ideal solution for metal fabrication.

Sheet Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers

Sheet Metal Tube Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers

Main Features:

1). Durable machine structure welded by steel plates from top tube laser cutting machine manufacturers, stable structure to guarantee high cutting accuracy and excellent cutting performance;

2). The metal tube laser cutting machine has gantry double-drive structure, with imported rack & pinion/guide rails, improving the production efficiency;

3). This sheet metal laser cutting machine has open worktable, simple operation and small space occupation;

4). professional CNC system based on Windows system, easy operation and advanced function;

5). Different options of IPG fiber laser sources ranging from 500W to 6kW;

6). Can be used for different profiles, including steel plates, round pipe, square tube, oblate tube, angle steel, etc;

7). Self-centering jig system ensures stable process of conveying pipes, so that it can ensure high accuracy and high quality of products.

Technical Parameters

Brand Jeesun sheet metal and tube laser cutting machine manufacturers
Model JSF-1530C JSF-1540C JSF-2040C JSF-2060C
Effective cutting range 1500*3000mm 1500*4000mm 2000*4000mm 2000*6000mm
Pipe Length 3m(can be customized)
Diameter Range Φ20-220mm
Table structure Single open table with rotary device
Laser Power 1000w-3000w
Positioning Accuracy ±0.01mm
Cutting speed Upon actual laser source
Graphic Format Supported CAD, DXF, etc.
Power supply 380v±10%/50Hz, 220v±10%/50Hz
Working temperature Temp: 0-40℃, humidity: ≤80%, No condensation


Applicable Industries:

This metal tube laser cutting machinecan be widely used in electrical power, automobile manufacturing, machinery and equipment, electrical equipment, hotel kitchen equipment, elevator equipment, advertising signs, car decoration, sheet metal production, lighting hardware, display equipment, precision components, metal products and other industries;

Applicable Materials:

This tube cutting machine manufacturers is suitable for stainless steel, carbon steel, silicon steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized steel, pickle plate, aluminum-plating Zinc plate, metallic copper and other metals.

sheet metal laser cutting Projects:

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