Laser Cut Plastic

Advantages of plastic laser cutting machine:

1.Laser engraving and cutting in one machine

2.Laser cutting of extremely fine, virtually radius-free contours

3.No clamping or fixing of the workpieces necessary

4.Non-contact cutting process with Less breakage and waste

5.shining cutting and burr-free edges, reworking is unnecessary;

6.High cutting precision and high working efficiency;

Application of Co2 laser cutter:

1.Trophies–cutting and engraving of acrylic

2.membrane keyboards–cutting of printed polycarbonate foil

3.Filter–cutting of polyester via co2 laser

4.Smart-X–laser cutting of lightweight boards made of polystyrene

5.Display screen protection–laser cutting of polycarbonate foil

6.PET-G–laser cutting and milling

7.Aerospace–cutting of aramid fabrics

laser cut plastic projects:

Machine Recommended for laser plastic cutting:

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