Laser Cut Plastic


plastic laser cutting machine is a kind of co2 laser cutting machine specially for cutting and engraving of plastic and other kinds of non-metal materials, including Wood, MDF, ABS, Acrylic, Glass, Fabric, Bamboo, Ivory, Bone, Paper, etc. This plastic laser cutting machine is characterized of high precision and speed, easy operation and excellent working performance, thus is widely used in industrial manufacturing applications, school education, small businesses, home business, small shop and home shop.

Machine Recommended for laser plastic cutting:

Advantages of plastic laser cutting machine:

1.Laser engraving and cutting in one machine

2.Laser cutting of extremely fine, virtually radius-free contours

3.No clamping or fixing of the workpieces necessary

4.Non-contact cutting process with Less breakage and waste

5.shining cutting and burr-free edges, reworking is unnecessary;

6.High cutting precision and high working efficiency;

Working video of Co2 laser cutting machine:

laser cut plastic projects:

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