Laser Cut Paper


laser paper cutter machine, also known as desktop laser paper cutter, is a kind of CNC laser cutting machine specially for cutting and engraving of paper and other kinds of non-metal materials, including plywood, MDF, ABS, Acrylic, Glass, Fabric, Plastic, Bamboo, Ivory, Bone, Paper, etc. This laser paper cutter machine is characterized of high precision and speed, easy operation and excellent working performance, thus is widely used in industrial manufacturing applications, school education, small businesses, home business, small shop and home shop.

best laser cutter for paper:

Working video of cnc laser paper cutter:

Application of laser paper cutting machine:

Paper is a versatile material, which makes laser cutting useful for several distinct industries and applications, including: Laser Cut Invitations, Laser Cut Greeting Cards, Laser Cut Paper Packaging, Laser Cut Businesses Cards, Laser Cut Picture books, Laser Cut Decorations, Laser Cut Craft items (including stickers and scrapbook materials), etc.b

laser cut paper project:

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