Laser Marking Machine

20w fiber laser marking machine

What Is Laser Marking Machine?

Laser marking machine, also known as laser marker, is one kind of laser marking system/equipment with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) system, it takes laser beam as energy source to mark permanent marks on the surface of metals (stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized steel, alloy, copper, brass, aluminum, gold, silver, iron, titanium), wood, leather, fabric, plastic, glass, etc.

Laser marking machine can be divided mainly into 3 groups in terms of the laser source, namely, fiber laser marking machine, uv laser marking machine, co2 laser marking machine

Laser marking machine has advantages of high speed and precision, pollution-free, easy operation, free maintenance and low cost, thus is widely used metal marking, wood marking machine, jewelry marking, gold marking, plastic marking, glass marking, home laser marking, hobby laser marking, industrial laser marking, etc.

Features Of laser Marking Machine

handheld laser marking machine
Compact Structure

Compact structure and easy operation.

Wide Solution

Different solutions of UV, Co2 and Fiber laser are avialable.

Widely Application

Used for marking work of different metal and non-metal materials.

High Precision

Smooth and deep marking on the suface of workpiece.

Laser Marker Technical Parameters

Working size 100*100/200*200/300*300mm(can be customized)
Laser Type Co2 Laser/fiber laser/UV laser, etc
Application Both metal and non-metal materials.
Delivery 10-20 days
Warranty 1 year

Laser Marking Project

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How It Works

Main Parts

co2 laser tube
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Frequently Asked Questions

1.what kind of material can be marked by the laser marker?

Different kinds of materials, both metal and non-metal, can be well marked.

2.Is special workpiece suitable for the laser marking machine?

Yes, rotary device is available for workpieces of special shapes.

3.Is Made-to-order sevice available?

Yes, will recommend the best solution according to your working requriement.