which laser engraver to buy?

cnc laser engraver, also known as laser engraving machine, is widely used in different fields and different kinds of laser engraver machines are available in the market, such as co2 laser engraver, fiber laser engraver, desktop laser engraver, hobby laser engraver, mini laser engraver, small laser engraver, etc. So, How to choose a laser engraver machine? There are some points need to be well considered:

1. laser engraving materials:

decide the type of materials to engrave. At present, cnc laser engraver in market can be roughly divided into non-metal laser engraver machines, including wood laser engraving, leather laser engraving, acrylic laser engraving, laser engraving plastic, glass laser engraving machine, leather laser engraving machine, laser engraving stone, laser engraving paper, laser engraving granite, etc, and metal laser engraver machines, including laser engraving stainless steel, laser engraving aluminum, laser engraving brass, laser engraving silver, laser engraving titanium, laser engraving gold, laser engraving silicone, etc, the former ones are specially used for engraving and cutting works of non-metal materials, and the later ones are specially for processing of metal materials. The prices of the 2 machines differ much.

2. Laser power:

Choose the right laser power according to materials to be processed, for some materials, acrylic, double-color plates, etc, big power laser tube is not necessary, but for some other materials, such as stone, wood and other harder materials, higher power laser tube will be required for the excellent working performance.

3. working size:

Different application require laser engraving machines of different working sizes. Generally, laser engraving machine models of 6040, 9060, 1290, 1390, 1490, 1610, 1612, 1812, are available, For example, the working size of 6040 model is 600*400mm. Different working sizes and different prices. So, choose the right laser engraving machine according to the working purpose, for example:

1).Rubber pad, rubber board, carton plate: Most laser engraver machines can be used to engrave on rubber boards. Some special and fast machines are not necessary for the materials, laser engraving machine suitable for engraving rubber sheets is thus recommended, lower price and the investment but fast return.

2).bamboo, greeting cards, paper-cut gifts, wooden handicrafts, small ornaments, carved wooden boxes, wine boxes, bamboo tubes, tea tubes, crystal glass ornaments, acrylic crafts, etc., choose the small machines, such as 9060 laser engraver Machine(900X600mm), the price can be very competitive and it has high precision, equipped with lifting platform and free replacement platform, this machine can be widely used for different kinds of materials and profiles.

3).acrylic plates: Most laser engraving machines can be used for cutting of acrylic plates, however, dedicated laser cutter machine is recommended. Because the laser cutting machine is optimized for laser cutting with excellent cutting effect. Generally: The 60W laser engraver machine can cut 8-10mm acrylic. The 80w laser engraver machine can cut 8-15mm acrylic.

4).Apparel, leather: Select the right laser engraver machine which has fast cutting speed and is equipped with honeycomb cutting platform.

4. engraving speed;

Compare the working speed of afferent machines. Under the premise of excellent engraving effect, pay attention to the working speed of machine. Only when you produce more products in a short period of time can you create higher profits.

5. engraving accuracy;

The biggest difference between laser engraver machine and traditional engraving equipment/hand engraving is the engraving precision. The requirement of engraving precision is  relatively high for delicate projects/drawings.

6. machine quality;

laser engraving machines of even the same appearance have quite different parts and further different quality, for example:

1).Stepper motor: it affects the engraving precision of the cnc laser engraver machine, different kinds of stepper motors are available, imported ones, home made ones, high quality ones and poor quality ones, etc.

2).Laser lens: it affects the power of laser engraving machine, it can be divided into imported lens, domestic lens, domestic lens can be divided into imported-material-produced ones and domestic-material-produced ones, the price difference is very large, so are the working effect and service life.

3).Laser tube: the heart of laser engraving machine. The price of imported laser tubes is expensive, generally tens of thousands of RMBs. Most domestic laser engraving machines use domestic laser tubes are taken for most laser engraving machines, the quality of domestic laser tubes are quite big.

4).Machine bed: When choosing, pay special attention to the quality of machine, especially thickness and strength of the structure

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